Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Champion No. 12 Channeling and Grooving Machine

OK World who else has one of these? This thing is seriously rare; I have reached out to all of the North America shoe machine companies and NOTHING, its like the machine came from outer-space.
I am hoping that my friends from around the world can help, I need any print data on it. 

To get it to Michigan I had to have it shipped from Hawaii, it didn't get to Hawaii by itself now did it?

I am in the middle of a complete restoration, it was completely frozen, none of the rotating parts would move. With great care and patience I freed up and removed everything down to the castings.

It's all there except for the broken knife blade and the grooving cutter. I think I know how it works and what it was intended to do, I am sure I can get it to cut channels.
Well I am nothing but being a tenacious searcher; I started with the names of the Champion Engineer guys that I knew of and added "patent" to the search and came up with THE patent docs on the No. 12!

These and the full patent description are going to make all the difference!!! Now I know what the one missing part is supposed to look like.

So now I have a special update to the patent drawings for you;

Thats much better! A few hours on PS and we have something that really pops.

More to come:::


  1. Hi there, I know this isn't the same model machine that you have, but I can't find any info anywhere about the Champion model 66. I'm in Alaska and have the opportunity to buy one and I need some guidance. Do you know of anyone who has a 66 that I could talk to?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late response, I can't find anything on it either. send me a picture and I'll ask my cobbler friends.
      tboneart @ comcast . net

    2. I am in Arizona and I own one like this I bought at a flea market for twenty five dollars. The only difference is the color and I know it isn't painted over. I would describe it as sort of a whitish tan.

    3. The really big deal is the knife or blade thing that is so specific and detailed, mine came with one that was broken.
      I doubt that the machine worked very well, after trying it a few times I don't think it is worth the time.
      Mine will go to ebay someday.

  2. Do you know how the No. 12 works? What the 2 knives do? Any help would be appreciated and thanks.

    1. Basically the knife slices horizontally and the "hole punch" acts as a groover so you get a notch with a radius on the iniside