Sunday, May 1, 2016

Champion 77 Presser foot, Thickness Adjustment

Finding out the hard way why the presser foot height is important; it is important because without compensating for very thick leather (by raising the foot) I get a lot of double stitches.

I love this grahamsshoeservice video on running the machine and of course never under stood the value of the adjuster until I had some time on it.

Leather strip

I never understood why the original machine didn't come with a proper adjuster so after weeks of consideration I fabricated this retro-fit.
Retro-fit design was critical; I did not want an irreversible modification in case I didn't like it or it didn't work.
I realized that I could bolt a 1/4" plate to the underside of the casting if only the 5/16" slider guide had a longer threaded section.

I went with the 5/16 - 18 machine screw so the adjustment is fast; fine adjustment is not necessary.

To adjust you press down on the lift pedal turn the screw up or down and you are on your way.

I like it better than the scrap of leather.

Added a grommet to the cap head screw and a spring for friction: